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No one is lazy!

People are not lazy. They simply have impotent goals – that is, goals that do not inspire them.” ~ Anthony Robbins

If you know someone you think is lazy, change the way you look at them. Ask them about their goals and what might inspire them.

If you’ve got a child that seems lazy, have you ever taken the time to really talk about what inspires them? What goals from that may inspire them? Or maybe that’s honestly how you are looking at your spouse or a friend?

If you are feeling lazy, put some time aside to really ponder what could inspire you. Eliminate all distractions and set aside quiet time to reconnect with your deepest desires and awaken them.

Love is taking the time to think of ways to help another. Even yourself. Inspire grace in people lives.

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  • Misie February 18, 2016, 7:18 pm

    – reading this entry saprks a few thoughts for me but, every entry you post before and after have sparked thoughts and inspired me yeah, so i was just thinkin’ i have always envied your ability to capture just the right light and space and depth to form the visual image for your readers. i have always envied your ability to capture just the right words to form the mental image to compliment, or contradict, those words to create an insightful point of perspective.perspective is a strange servant to the ego because from my perspective looking at your struggles, i am grateful for the insignificant bad luck i’ve had compared to the extraordinary bad luck you’ve had. i feel lucky, yet when i read your words and see your photos, i still envy you and that, my old friend, is a sure sign you are a better man than i can ever hope to be i say, refresh the sleeping blog to take advantage of the experience others never realize you live your new perspective on time, the minute by minute life and take this insightful work beyond just a personal page, to inspire the lives of people who will only know you from the words and photos. you have great accomplishments in your past, will and i see the potential for great accomplishments waiting in your future. these words and photos weigh very little. they can be pushed around by the breeze. they can change lives. i say, create a new project where your mind and your creativity can reach out to where your body can not so easily reach and you should push this work to carry you uphill to a new place

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