1. I have been using hypnosis since about 1945 to contorl asthma. I hope that that is high enough t o qualify for your definition. If not please try breathing through a soda straw for 5-10 minutes and re answer the question.I was certified as a hypnotist only a few years later and have used it as part of my job since then.Addictive behaviors are the hardest to deal with and have the highest rate of recidivism. Find a good practitioner and if you want it to work it probably will.

  2. crazymike44Learning NLP will protect you from Cults like Scientology from brain wsnihag you! A few years after finishing NLP Trainers training I went into the a scientology place and this guy was using NLP and Hypnotic techniques the moment we sat down to talk about What Scientology is. So I started to use it right back on him and tranced him the F’ out to feel excruciating anxiety any time he uses mind control to brain wash people. Last I heard, he quit Scientology! Good for me!

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