Billionaires don’t use to-do lists. Why do you?

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A contributor to Forbes Magazine has interviewed over 200 billionaires, Olympians, straight-A students and entrepreneurs and found this out: NONE of them use “to-do” lists.

He lists three key reasons a to-do list is a fail:

  1. TIME is not accounted for
  2. It doesn’t distinguish between URGENT and IMPORTANT tasks
  3. It contributes to STRESS

What people tend to do with these lists is cherry pick the easy items and never complete all the tasks.

So what do these highly successful (and Highly Effective) people do: THEY USE A CALENDAR. They actually schedule tasks into their day and let the calendar tell them what to do, rather than their mind & emotions when they look over a pile of tasks.

Here’s the article: Forbes Magazine article July, 10 2015

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