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“Do the right thing” as your Code of Conduct?


Alphabet, the new parent company of Google, has its corporate code of Conduct visible for the whole world to see. It’s stated plainly in the first paragraph:

“… do the right thing – follow the law, act honorably, and treat each other with respect.”


You may recall that Google’s code still begins with:

“Don’t be evil.”

What’s your code?
Do you have one? Does your company have one?
Is it simple or a complicated list that’s hard to remember or live by?

Time to Rethink Global Drug Policy

CSIS | Center for Strategic & International Studies via Compfight

A contributor to Forbes Magazine has interviewed over 200 billionaires, Olympians, straight-A students and entrepreneurs and found this out: NONE of them use “to-do” lists.

He lists three key reasons a to-do list is a fail:

  1. TIME is not accounted for
  2. It doesn’t distinguish between URGENT and IMPORTANT tasks
  3. It contributes to STRESS

What people tend to do with these lists is cherry pick the easy items and never complete all the tasks.

So what do these highly successful (and Highly Effective) people do: THEY USE A CALENDAR. They actually schedule tasks into their day and let the calendar tell them what to do, rather than their mind & emotions when they look over a pile of tasks.

Here’s the article: Forbes Magazine article July, 10 2015


The challenge with the word “god”.

Chip and Hoverfly

I was having a conversation with a client today. The word “god” came up.

Some of us are challenged by the usage of the word god. It can bring up many neuro-associations in our unconscious mind, depending on our conditioning. A parallel: Some people hear the word “Budweiser” and think “yum” or see an icy cold mug in their mind and get thirsty. When I hear “Budweiser” I automatically smell a college party and a bunch of kids puking.  It’s just an association. It’s just a word.

When it comes to the word “god”, I think of it this way:

God is just a word for the unknowable. Since we’re human, we try to understand everything as a human (i.e. anthropomorphize). It’s why many dog owners make the continual mistake of understanding their dog through a human projection, which is not helpful to the dog.

A dog is just a dog. The unknowable is just the unknowable. “God” is just “dog” spelled backwards. They are just words for something to experience personally.

A reminder that we project a human model on most things is a favorite quote by the writer Anaïs Nin:

We see people and things not as they are, but as we are.


Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and the truth is that an intimate relationship with one mate can be the most rewarding AND most challenging area of life. Some people are dreaming of finding that love of their life. Some have it and want to make it richer. And others may have silently given up.

click for video

Click for video

Tony and his wife had a Question and Answer video call with people around the world on Wednesday. Couples and individuals got to ask the tough question like:

  • “How do you rekindle the passion when it’s gone?”
  • “What do I do when it’s my lovely wife that fired me from my job?”
  • “How do I find the person that’s right for me?”
  • and many more in this 1 hour video session

Tony, in his usual style, cuts right through to the truth. Sage and he have been married 16 happy years and they also have those moments where emotions run high. He’s learned a lot about what to do, and what not to do, after diving into marriage at 24 and instantly becoming a father to a 17 year old.

Those of you familiar with my work will hear the influence of David Deida and understanding the polarity of masculine and feminine energy. There are also many other useful distinctions you can apply today. They lay out some practical tips for single people looking for the one and to the several couples that want to deepen what they have together.

Go beyond the marketed consumer version of Valentine’s Day, which tells you spending money on external things is what creates happiness, and instead deepen your understanding of your mate, or potential mate, in a way that actually causes love to flourish.