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“Know Thyself” is an aphorism for success and happiness. Profiles help you identify specific characteristics of who you are and how you see the world.

Clifton Strengths by Gallup – #1 profile in psychology for Talents Strengths validated by over 16 million participants.

Values-In-Action Character Strengths – FREE: #1 profile in psychology for Character Strengths validated by over 5 million participants.


Current Issues and Back Issues

Coaching Tools

1-page Intentions – What do you intend for the coming year? Put it in writing!
24 Goals in 90 Days – Goals list for each area of our life.
Client Pre-Session Preparation – Always be prepared.
Clean Sweep Program – 100 Question Inventory of your life.
Conflict Integration Playsheet – End conflict & confusion to make powerful decisions!
Day Tracker – Where’s your day going?
My Priority Management List – Clarify your priorities using Covey Quadrants
My Vision – What do you see on the path of your big dream?
My Week Template – Successful people have predictable weeks.
Making the Change – Where do you want to focus on change?
One Page Business Plan – Put it all on one page before you begin.
Plan Timeline – Make a timeline for each of your major goals.
Valuable Coaching Calls – Ways to Get Ten Times the Value from Calls with Your Coach
Tolerations – Do you have energy drainers?
Ways to Get 10 Times the Value from Calls with Your Coach
Wheel of Life – A visual view of the areas of your life.

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Hire a Coach to Get What You Want – Marcia Wieder – SF Chronicle

Question what you believe!: Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day? – “Dartmouth Professor Finds No Scientific Evidence for “8 x 8” – Why do I list an article on water here? Point: Question your “beliefs”! Where did you get them? Most people take for granted why they “believe” something is true. It’s usually hearsay. A great example, “you have to work hard for money”, “money changes people”, “good realtionships take hard work”, etc.

Free eBooks

As a Man Thinketh
The hugely popular short work on the power of thought, by James Allen. It’s 28 pages that everyone interested in success should read.

Speedwealth – How to make a Million in your own business in 3 years or less.
T. Harv Eker went from 0 to millionaire in 2 1/2 years and tells you how you can too. Harv’s street-smart wisdom gets right to the point in changing your thinking about what it takes to be a millionaire. Now you can attend his Millionaire mind seminar for FREE. See below.

Recommended Workshops, Seminars, Training, & Experiences

Hoffman Institute
The Quadrinity Process is the proven process for lasting decreases in negativity and increases in positivity! No other process have clinically validated results! If you ever experience anger, sadness, arguments, depression, or any other negative emotions, this process is a powerful answer for releasing them. Read about the Negative Love Syndrome and learn where negative emotions begin. Greats like Mark Victor Hansen & Kenny Logins are graduates. At $3400, I guarantee this the 8-day residential program will be the most transformative and wonderful thing you’ve ever done in your life! It’s the only process in the world with proven results, verified by an independent study by University of California. Skip that vacation and do this now! (see book below)

Hoffman is a non-profit world-wide organization. This is probably the most powerful process you will ever experience! Graduated talk of life before or after the process. They offer a FREE Introduction Call – First Tuesday of each month. 866-322-7998. Password: 86157#

NLP Institute of California – NLP Coaching and Practitioner training.
The Institute was founded by Kris and Tim Hallbom, one of the foremost practitioners and trainers in the field of NLP. Tim is an author and pioneer in the cutting edge of NLP for even serious health challenges. The institute also brings in top trainers, like Robert Ditz, to assure varied perspectives in this exciting field of healing and wellness. Their level of integrity, compassion, and spirit of enjoying the process will have you hooked on NLP learning on the first day. I am proud to have graduated from this institute. Their new ICF certified coaching program begins April 14th, 2004, in which I will be one of the assistant coaches.

Millionaire Mind Intensive (MMI)
This 3-day Intensive will begin the journey of changing your relationship with money and understanding that millionaires have a completely different mindset. The reason the top 1% of earnerst are so successful is that they either didn’t have or let go of the negative cultural programming about money. They learned to see and drop the hidden negative emotions about money that rule most people, unconsciously. Just as people have negative conditioning that makes their personal relationships a struggle, they have even deeper conditioning about money. It’s simple. Money is just a tool, like a wrench, so if you have emotions about a wrench, there’s something wrong.

Harv’s street-smart millionaire style keeps the event energized as participants discover that their foot has been on the brake and the gas most of their life. What makes a millionaire different is how they think, their unconscious beliefs, not just what they do. Learn from a millionaire that originally struggled how they think about money that makes them rich. I have attended this seminar and promise you, Harv’s the best trainer in the world. He’s been characterized as “Donald Trump meets Buddha” because he realized the secret of success is being spiritual and money are no opposite goals but instead they work together.

No matter where you are at financially, there’s something holding you back! This seminar will help you change your inner world and release many of the hidden blocks holding you back. You’ll see the world in a new way. This seminar is usually $1295, but you can attend for FREE by contacting me right now!

Celebrating Men, Satifying Women
One of the deepest areas of enlightenment and joy I bring to people is the freedom of owning there gender’s gift. Since the 60s, people have gotten confused about the best of being their own sex. Men and women have challenges often because they can’t appreciate the beauty of the opposite sex and they aren’t really proud of their own sex’s unique gift to the world. We are more than “equal”! This amazing workshop supports women in first understanding at a deep level that men have their own gifts and to stop seeing men as misbehaving females. By celebrating the uniqueness of the opposite sex we are free to celebrate the gift of our own sex.

Women I know that have done this 2-day workshop just have a glow about them. The men in their lives (intimate partners, family, at work) become partners and champions rather than adversaries. The ladies themselves shine with the magic of their feminine goddess and releasing the stress of modern pressures. Click here to find out more and attend a free introduction.

Understanding Women: Unlock the Mystery
This 2-day course for men & women will have you understanding and connecting with women at the level of their deepest needs. The women discover clues about their nature they were never aware of and men emerge with a deep owning of how important we are to them. Men, if you have ANY women in your life, just go! You’ll be blown away! You will leave with an understanding of women that most women do not have of themselves. You will be able to win with your women again, instead of struggling in the dark.

Recommended Reading

 Secrets of the Millionaire Mind – Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth
Harv says: “Give me five minutes and I can predict your financial future for the rest of your life! How? By identifying your personal money & success blueprint.” In this life-changing book, you’ll learn how to identify and revise your own money blue print to dramatically increase your income and accumulate wealth. It blows the mindset from Rich Dad, Poor Dad wide open for you to use!

One of my clients has TRIPLED his income and time off in the last year since practicing these principles. Contact me to get this book and 2 guest tickets to the Millionaire Mind Intensive (worth $2590!), the 3-day world class event that will change your ability to earn money forever! It’s one of the most powerful & awakening experiences I’ve enjoyed! Harv is doing for entrepreneurs and happiness what Tony Robbins did for personal power.”
– Erol
The Message of a Master: A Classic Tale of Wealth, Wisdom, & the Secret of Success
81 magical pages that EVERYONE should read. Written in 1929, it’s a tale of a mysterious master with a simple practice for achieving anything you desire. If you only read one book this year, make it this book and actually practice the simple techniques to change your life forever.
coverMagic of NLP Demystified: A Pragmatic Guide to Communication and ChangeThe most basic introduction to NLP I’ve seen. Only 176 pages with lots of illustrations. Written in 1990, some of the terms have been changed and the font and illustrations look cheesy, but when you get past that he gets right to the meat of what is NLP. You can NLP right away to navigate your world and better communicate with others.
NLPNLP: The New Technology of Achievement
I’m often asked what book I would recommend on NLP. This is a fantastic introduction. Chapters contributed by my one of my teachers, a top trainer in the world of NLP who has even guided people in reversing terminal illness with NLP.
coverThe Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People
Steven Covey’s book is a must read for anyone committed to their own excellence. His eloquent exploration of “pro-activity” sets the standard introduction to being in charge of your own life and creating your own experience.
coverThe Hoffman Process : The World-Famous Technique That Empowers You to Forgive Your Past, Heal Your Present, and Transform Your Future
Based on world famous 8-day life-transforming retreat (see above). Through the 4 steps of awareness, expression, forgiveness, and new behaviors you can transform the core of your being and release the true beauty and happiness inside you. This process literally saved my life! It is the most powerful process on the planet for addressing what is truly holding you back from the life you deserve. If there were only one book to ever read on healing yourself, this would be it!
coverAttracting Perfect Customers: The Power of Strategic Synchronicity
Create your own luck. They should have named it “Attracting Perfect Experiences“. In business, “customers” are the most desired goal. The concepts in this book can be used to attract the perfect mate, perfect job, perfect anything. The law of attraction works everywhere you want it to work. (Learn how to unconsciously create your own luck at the IE workshop.)
coverRich Dad, Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids about Money that the Poor and Middle Class Do Not!
Brilliant discussion of many peoples’ #1 pain. Do you have the financial abundance you want and enjoy it? Again, our childhood experience usually determines our relationship with money. If you don’t have money, why? If you do, are you worried about loosing it? Read the first 2 chapters 3 times! Learn how the rich think and manage money easily. (Change your relationship with money at the IE workshop.)
coverHow to Win Friends & Influence People
For anyone in sales, this is one of the original works you must know. Written in 1936, this book comes from an age where character influenced people, not personality techniques. Dale’s philosophy was to practice these strategies and learn how to take real interest in people. Caring about people is the only way to really win friends and clients, and keep them.
Way of the Superior Man
What does it really mean to be a “man”?  The Superior Man lives at a stage beyond the old macho jerk or ’70s feminized Sensitive New Age Guy. He lives from purpose with career, family, women, intimacy, love, and spirituality. This is a must read for every man! If you don’t get this, you are probably lost in your life. 
The Celestine Prophecy
An adventure story introducing 9 key insights about why we are here. The first insight is that synchronicities are to be explored because they lead us to our destiny. I’ve worked with James and he taught me to boldly seek out coincidences, to talk to the people involved and discover what message they have for you. I connected with 4 business opportunities in 2 days after seeing him. Welcome this kind of “luck” into your life too.
The Road Less Traveled
There are two road in life. The Road Less Traveled is the road of happiness and doing the work. Most people choose the most traveled road. The road of “I just want to be happy” and thus endure a life of suffering. Dr. Peck introduces the causes of suffering from childhood and the road we can take toward happiness. It is the road of spiritual growth and what he calls “grace.” This is the book that set me on the path to awakening when I was 16 years old. Possibly one of the most important books written on psychotherapy and love.

Useful Links

Gallup StrengthsFinder Profile – Get clear on your top 5 strengths and how you see the world. – Track your’s & your familie’s weight goals. – Research shows the heart is an important information processing site. The heart is a highly complex, self-organized information processing center with its own functional “brain” that communicates with and influences the cranial brain via the nervous system, hormonal system and other pathways. Our heart is as important as thought of in ancient times. – Curious for another opinion about you? These folks have PhD certified personality, relationship, career, and other tests.

Your money type: If you aren’t as wealthy as you want to be, maybe it’s your money type that’s getting in the way. If money is an issue in relationships, check your money type.

NLP Weekly – Free online magazine featuring articles and techniques about the practical uses of Hypnosis and NLP.

Free Credit Report – Your credit is a social recredit of your reliability. Make sure your report is accurate. You can now get these reports on YOU for free.