What’s coaching done for clients?

Erol Fox is the real deal!  I think I have participated in nearly every “motivational” program ever invented.  This amazing coach and teacher did more for me in one focused session than most of those weekend long seminars ever did!  I feel re-charged and full of hope for a bright future after my time with Erol.  Fantastic!  Thank you, Erol!!

Adam Christing
Founder, TheMeaningOfLife.com

Thanks again for calling me back yesterday! For someone who used to think that a life coach was just a hoax and a waste of money, you’re probably the best investment I’ve made for myself!

Stephanie K., Business owner & mom

I would highly recommend Erol Fox as a coach for both your business and your personal requirements. I worked with him for a year and a half and I love the way he kept me on track and how he was able to pull so much amazing information from his variety of experiences and made it applicable to whatever I needed at that time. Erol is such a wealth of information and he genuinely cares and knows how to push the right buttons to get you to get into your vision and make it happen. I love the time that we spent working together and with highly recommend working with Erol.

Nancy M., Owner of a Project Management Consultancy

I would like to start by thanking you for all you have done for me in the past year. I hope the testimonial I give will help you understand and appreciate what this process has meant to me and how it has been instrumental in my life in the past year.

We started coaching in August of 2005. At the time I was a struggling business owner who’s company had just barely gotten off of its feet. I had made less then $25,000 in 2005 and would end up borrowing over $11,000 to simply keep my doors open and pay the bills. I worked 50 to 60 hours per week and struggled to know where the next paycheck would come from.

In 2006 I am projecting income of over $90,000 net, and I am only working directly in my business about 30 hours per week. The promise was fulfilled, double your income & double your time off. But to me that is just the beginning. Coaching has brought me so much more than money. I have found a friend, a mentor, a motivator. I found someone who is interested in my success and happiness and has gone above and beyond the contract to help with my success. Today I have peace, joy, success, and excitement for the future. I thank the program and more than that my coach for his commitment to me and this program.

Thank you Erol!

Brian Curtis
Real Estate Broker / Owner

Working with Erol Fox as a success coach has been a remarkable gift. He is insightful, inspiring and enlightening. With Erol’s help, I have been able to triple my real estate business in the last four months while staying connected to my big dream and achieving a more balanced life than I have ever experienced. I highly recommend his work.

Jerry Jordan
Real Estate Investor
Sarasota, FL

As a fledgling Landscape Architecture & Construction firm, we exceeded our financial goals three times last year, our second year. Our success was not without chaos and a degree of go-it-alone, shooting-from-the-hip business bedlam. This year, however, we are working with Erol to guarantee a lasting and sustainable future by creating strategic systems in the areas of operations, production and marketing. With Erol’s insights, I am lead to believe that his finger rests protectively on the pulse of our company. His coaching has helped to establish a clear road map to avoid obstacles so that we can efficiently set a course to success. We love what we do, but we don’t want to be slaves to our business; we are working to create a company that lives beyond us. Erol is helping us make that happen.

Leland Walmsley – CFO
NWA, Inc. – Landscape Architecture & Construction
Santa Barbara, Ca.

Working with Erol has put me in the best frame of mind in my life. I have a much better  understanding of what I really want and I am excited to get it. Erol is my own personal cheerleader, sometimes believing in me more than I do myself.

B. Penn
Oracle Corp.


Thanks for all your help and guidance during the last several months. I have not been so excited about my life and future since I was in my early 20’s (I’m 40-years old now). I look forward to our coaching sessions and for the unique gems I receive from you and our visits. The process you had me do four weeks ago has worked extremely well. I’m not sure how the process works with such exactness, but I am loving the results. Since I have been either on straight commission, or been self-employed most of my career, I had programmed myself to feel guilty being away from work when I was home with my family. I always justified these feelings of guilt, by saying that someday, when all my hard had work paid off, I would be able to be “in the now” with my family. Your process has helped me greatly reduce the “either/or” struggle I have had for years concerning work and family. Since your exercise, I have felt compelled to go home from work at much more reasonable hours, and the feelings of guilt when I’m at home have been replaced with feelings of peace and joy.

To add to my delight, since the MMI and my coaching sessions with you, my finances have never looked better. In three quarters of this year, I have earned $113k. My best year’s income before this year was $67k. I remember being at MMI and hearing the program slogan, “double your income, double your time off, double your speed to financial freedom,” and feeling hopeful, but skeptical. I am no longer a skeptic, and am so grateful for your assistance in my ever improving life!

Al Gregory
SAGE Recruiting

Erol has helped me find my inner focus and desire. His coaching techniques focus me on what I truly want to achieve and he gives me the methods to get there faster and more efficiently.

Matt Gorski
Dream 5 Investing, Inc.

Erol is such an amazing coach. His ability to draw out answers inside myself using his powerful techniques is just incredibly insightful and tremendously meaningful. I’m so grateful to have him as a coach and guide.

Brian Branscome
Dionari Holdings Inc


Thank you for reawakening the desire for greatness in me. Your relaxed, insightful manner and skill guided me, in one session, back to the path I had forgotten was available to me. As you point out so well, we are faced with challenges that either define us or hold us back and keep us stuck. Thank you so much for helping me to get unstuck. Your positive attitude and confidence is contagious. Life is once again full of possibilities and excitement. My eyesight continues to improve and most importantly, “I can see clearly now” has renewed meaning for me.

I look forward to continuing our work together.

Thank You!

Ron Dorp, President/CEO
R.A.D. Business Services, Inc.

Every day I wake up and I am even more excited about life than I was the day before. That is certainly something I would not have said before I started working with my personal coach, Erol Fox.

Six months ago, I was in a situation where I was frequently depressed, even though I had so many things to be happy about. I was doing alright – good job, nice car, beautiful wife, but something was missing. My performance was okay at work, but I was nowhere near the top of my game. I was tired of being reactive everyday and not actively participating in my life. I knew I was capable of so much more and something was holding me back – that’s why I decided to see what a personal coach was all about.

At our initial meeting, I told Erol that I expected him to hold me accountable, to be honest with me at all times, and to really care and take a personal interest in my development. He has lived up to all of these expectations and exceeded them. He is constantly challenging me in our sessions and pushing to uncover the real issues.
One of the things that impresses me most about Erol is that it is clear he doesn’t just think about me for one hour a week when we meet. He will usually surprise me with an email during the week, keeping me on purpose or challenging me in some way.

Erol is dedicated to his profession and is passionate about being a great coach. His talent was evident to me from day one and he has demonstrated that he is determined to push himself and continue to improve. I am amazed by all of the seminars he has attended since we have started working together. He is now involved in teaching seminars as well, helping more coaches assist people in living their dreams.

The changes I have made in the past few months have been incredible. I have shed many old, negative habits and replaced them with new, highly productive ones. My confidence is returning and I believe that I can accomplish anything. I am now in the process of developing a road map for the rest of my life and deciding how big I want to go. I thank Erol for everything he has done and that I know he will continue to do. I am convinced that he truly cares about me as a person and while our coaching relationship may end one day, I know our friendship will continue on forever.

CB Richard Ellis

To whom it may concern,

This letter is designed to give a hearty endorsement to Erol Fox and his coaching ability. I have worked with Erol for the past eight months and have found him to be wise beyond his years. I’m sure my particular situation (a 55 year old single parent engaged in a court battle to gain access to his son, who’s responsible for his 91 year old mother and is in the midst of a career change) would be very daunting to many coaches, but Erol has done a great job. He is particularly good at focusing one’s energy in the midst of complicated and confusing situations. I strongly recommend Erol as a career coach.

James Shaw
San Diego

Erol Fox has been one of the biggest blessings to me and my endeavor to grow mentally and spiritually. He has kept me focused on developing the whole man to be the best of what I can be. Focusing on and staying on track to what I think I want to be has brought me to a better insight. I am relearning what life is and why I should enjoy it and be happy. My biggest problem in life has been not trusting myself and not completing the potential and ability I am capable of with Jesus’ help. Through the program with Erol Fox, I have gained insight into myself and I can and should become a light to others in need. I must put more juice in the light bulb if I want it to shine brighter to those God sends my way. Erol has helped me to relight my light these last few months. I feel no one can make it by themselves and this program is set up to help us help each other. Harv and Erol have put together a system that will help anyone who wants to become a better person and to make the world a better place. The basic knowledge of what makes this beautiful machine God created work is the key that Harv and Erol present to us when we learn how to get our spirit in control, our mind as our servant, and our body as the vehicle. Working as a fine-tuned machine with a mission and a vision, we can do anything with God’s help.

Larry de Veer

I came to see Erol because I couldn’t think about my late roommate or hear the song played at his funeral without getting choked up or even crying. After 10 years, I felt it was time to let go of the unwarranted guilt I felt for not realizing there was something wrong that night.

After one session with Erol, he had secretly downloaded the song on his computer and began to play it. For the first time in ten years I actually smiled and enjoyed listening to the song. Now when I think of my roommate, I no longer think of him as he is now, rather, I see the crazy things he used to do to make all around him laugh and I bust out in a smile, even start laughing sometimes.

Barry S.

Coaching has given me the loving support to embrace who I really am, and to discover what it is that I really want. l’ve been able to create, and take, opportunities I only dreamt of. The six months I’ve been married has been better than I ever imagined it could be; and at work I am having such fun, learning so much and being praised for it!

Thank you Erol!

London, England

For about 16 weeks Erol coached me in the Life Makeover program of T Harv Eker. When coaching started, I was struggling with finance, health and self confidence. With the coaching of Erol I managed to unravel the chatter behind these challenges and transform them to mindful and focussed living. I have gone from ‘no idea what I could do’ to ‘a specific mission and vision in life and the setting up of my own company’. I am grateful for the teachings of Erol and for the fun stories he used to make me look differently at my situation. With respect and a little drama I say ‘Mahalo’ – Hawaian for thank you – and at the same time a word with a much deeper meaning.

Geeske from the Netherlands