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  • April Fools: What do you believe?

    What a fitting topic to start out the month: beliefs. When we fall for an April Fool’s joke, isn’t it because we believe something, then we find out it’s not true. The laugh is on us for believing in the first place. So where else in your life do you believe things that just aren’t […]

  • What does a coach do?

    I realize many of you haven’t experienced coaching yet. Maybe you know a coach, but have you actually had a formal session yet? If not, you haven’t experienced coaching. Reason: we coaches usually won’t coach you unless we have permission. Coaching is unlike anything most people have experienced and few have. First, a core belief […]

  • "The meaning of my communication is the response I get." – NLP Presupposition #2

    Have you ever had someone respond to what you said and misunderstand what you meant? You were sure what YOU meant, but they just didn’t get it. Then maybe the discussion deteriorated while trying to explain what you meant. Well here’s a new perspective: the "meaning" of what we say only exists in the other […]

  • "The map is not the territory." – a primary presupposition in NLP

    If you think you see the world clearly, think again! Have you ever used a map? It’s a great representation that helps us navigate to our destination, hopefully. Of course, a map is just a representation of the real territory, since we can’t store the whole earth in our brain. The map makers do the […]

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