"The map is not the territory." – a primary presupposition in NLP

If you think you see the world clearly, think again!
Have you ever used a map? It’s a great representation that helps us navigate to our destination, hopefully. Of course, a map is just a representation of the real territory, since we can’t store the whole earth in our brain. The map makers do the best job they can to simplify the world, deleting details, distorting, flattening, using artificial colors, to help us navigate. Sometimes, they’re human and they miss something, like a whole road, and you drive around in circles. The map is a useful tool, but it’s not the real territory. We need to look out the window and sometimes ask for directions in the real world.

In reading this, you may have realized your brain does the same thing as the map maker. Remember all those years in school, countless hours reduced to some big generalizations. And, they’re all perfectly accurate, right? Now, how about all those years dating? Are you sure you really have an accurate map of what the opposite sex is really like? How about money? Did you pick up the old saying that "money doesn’t grow on trees" and add it to your map? If some part of you agrees when hearing that note on the map, watch out. You may want to get the name of your map maker and update your map. What else is on your map, about your relationships, career, finances, health?

The moral of the story: If you’re not where you want to be, check your map and update it! Realize that what you’re sure of is only a map.

So is the glass half empty or half full? Neither. Your map is your reality. Change your map and change your reality.

An Exercise

What’s on Donald Trumps map? What do you think he sees that has him recover from loosing billions of dollars? Doesn’t his map say the world is full of opportunities, full of money? What’s on the map of your heroes?
Tune in later. We’ll talk about what makes up a map and how to change yours.

Using your Inherent Excellence

If you want to change how you feel, one of the fastest ways is to change your physiology. For example, if you’re sad, then smile. Try it, before you laugh. Go to a mirror and make sure it’s a real smile. Using your muscles, standing, smiling, frowning, change your all-over body feeling. This is a built-in talent of humans, so why aren’t you using it? You may realize, after doing this exercise, that the "feelings" you have are actually in your control.


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