Commitment vs. Comfort

Pimp your coffin?

Comfort is the greatest enemy of commitment. Comfort is a nicely padded, silk lined, pine box that lulls us off to sleep, forever.

One may think they are committed to health, but the comfort of fatty food or the couch whispers a lullaby. One may say they want to be financially free yet the soft sheets are so comfortable they drag out of bed. Some even fool themselves into the idea that they are committed to a wonderful relationship, but it’s just too uncomfortable to do something nice for their spouse even when they don’t feel like it.

Where is comfort slowly killing you? We American’s are addicted to our comforts. TV, credit cards, playing small. We want a comfortable life so we can drift off to sleep.

Champions love getting uncomfortable. They go to the places that are uncomfortable on purpose. Maybe it’s making that call that’s been too uncomfortable. Maybe it’s having that important conversation with your lover you hoped would just fix itself (it won’t). Maybe it’s starting an exercise routine or meditating (that would really be uncomfortable).

Where have you snuggled into comfort and lost your commitment? Diving into your discomfort is the surest way to discover your true freedom, love, and peace.

By Erol Fox

Success & Life Coach Owner of this BLOG

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