Gallop polls 150 countries to determine keys to Well Being

Deepak Chopra is senior scientist for the Gallop Organization. They will be releasing a book soon on the keys to Well Being. Here are the 5 keys to well being they found around the world:


  1. Career – Finding at least one person in your business who shares your passion for this work. You will keep each other inspired.
  2. Financial – They spend on experiences, not things. They are giving. They have a default system for managing their money and eliminating debt.
  3. Social – They have happy friends. That have happy friends. And so on. Are your friends happy?
  4. Community – They hang out with many people that share their passions. Maybe it’s a charity, church, music, sport, anything that’s a passion.
  5. Physical – They eat good food, exercise, get enough sleep. They eat healthy fresh food, that is red, blue, or green.

Here’s a video with Deepak announcing these finding.

Want to be happy, there’s a simple recipe above. Get a coach who’s a happy friend that helps you do it helping you do it faster. There are no bonus points from the universe for doing anything yourself. None! Life is a team sport!


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  1. maryloyer Avatar

    Wow! Seems like such a simple recipe! It’s a wonder that as Deepak mentioned– only 7% of people admit to having total well-being in all those areas. I see how I compromise some of my own well being by not getting enough sleep. What a great reminder that although we might focus in just one area like career, all of these other areas of our life are truly inter-related!

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