Launching my new Clarity.Zone domain!

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Well it’s time for a new brand! I’ll be testing out a new domain: www.Clarity.Zone

Yes, you’re reading it correctly. The 21st Century is moving beyond the limited Internet of .com & .net. Just type Clarity.Zone into your browser.


Way back in 2002, I had the name “Inherent Excellence” pop into my consciousness. It was inspired by my deep personal transformation and the realization that much of our experience of life if CAUSED by our inner world. Happiness and success are an inside job rather than the outside-in marketing we’re fed on a daily basis. Unfortunately, I soon realized that American’s are losing their ability to spell in the 21st Century. Chalk it up to… shrt txt msgs OMG LOL!

Why “Clarity Zone”?

I hear so often that people want more “clarity”. Often, I’m told by clients and friends that our short talk had them gain a lot of “clarity” about:

  • what’s really been holding them back for so long
  • their next important decision
  • what’s really important to them and how simple it’s going to be to create it

So, here’s to the start of something grand! I’m looking forward to your feedback on this new metaphor of the Clarity Zone. Tell me what that means to you.


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