Learn physics in this cool video series sponsored by Bill Gates

image One of the benefits to the world from great capitalists is their ability to then give to the public. Over 20 years ago, Bill Gates saw archived films of one of the most fun and best teachers of physics: Dr. Richard Feynman. This BBC TV lecture series had been archived privately all these years and Bill purchased them so the world could learn from this great teacher.

If you’ve got kids or you love to learn, check this out:


Understanding the laws of our universe in 7 hours, from a great teacher, now that’s a gift. A custom interface was built with indexes, subtitles, full searching, all sorts of ways to learn. You can search the videos!

One of the great reasons to learn a bit about subjects like this is that we then can see that there IS order to the universe, it’s not just chaos. Man does not invent, he simply discovers what already exists in the universe and finds a way to harness it. What will you discover today?


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