What the #$*! do YOU know?

OK kids, buckle your seat belts, ’cause Kansas is going bye bye. Those of you who saw The Matrix movie experienced a movie that challenged the notion of "what is reality?" Maybe we’re all living in some computer program, in some endless loop not really going anywhere. Now there’s a new independent film that suggests: "We create our own reality." If you care about the quality of your life, go see What the bleep do we know?, now!

So what’s this "we create our own reality" non-sense? Do you mean, what’s "happening" to me I create? Well, yes! Is that any more absurd than the idea that things just randomly happen to me? Like my finances, relationships, career, health? Isn’t that most of our reality? And if we create all that reality, why not ALL of our reality? Maybe there is no coincidence in the world, but instead, you are creating what you experience.

If you’ve coached with me, you’ve probably heard me call out this great truth before. We’ve had this foundation concept in NLP for years. It’s a wake up call. At first, it may seem an awesome burden, but it’s really awesomely freeing and empowering. It means, if I create my own reality, I do it, then I can change it. The power is within me. How cool is that? Are you ready to drop The Victim TV show and take back your power? It seems to me, the greatest lie ever told is, "You can’t make a difference or change things." It’s gotten so bad, some people don’t even vote! Own your power now.

And hopefully you’re now asking, if I create my own reality, and I can change it, how do I do it? That’s an awesome and powerful question. Notice the "HOW"! That’s the first step. Only ask "how" questions. For example: How can I have a better relationship? How can I make more money? Just keep asking. It’s like a magic incantation. Successful people ask "how" questions and avoid "why" questions like a virus. A thought virus. Be successful, ask "how?".

Now for the deeper magic: beliefs. What I believe IS my reality. It’s that deep down belief, the truth hidden in my heart that creates my reality. My inner truth. For example, if somewhere, deep down inside, I believe relationships are hard, what do you think will be my reality? It’s obvious, isn’t it. Now what about money? Just look at your experiences so far and you may get an indication that there’s a pattern there, an underlying belief creating the reality.

Beliefs are like the hidden rudder on the wonderful ship of life called you. A small correction in the rudder means the difference between continuing to be lost at sea and vacationing on the beach of success. Beliefs are a not just an idea, you feel them in your body, it’s a whole person experience. Typically, we form them when we’re young, so we’ve forgotten they are there, quietly guiding our journey. We keep experiencing life from our beliefs, so the magic is that when we change a belief we change what we experience, our reality.

So how do you change a belief? Well, you have to find it first. Then, there are many processes in NLP for changing the old belief into an empowering belief. I’ll talk more about beliefs next time. But talking about beliefs doesn’t get them where they live. Beliefs are often formed by an experience, so a new experience (not talking) is what changes them. And now for a shameless advertisement. I’d feel like I’m withholding a gift from you if I didn’t mention here my WealthyMindTM Weekend experience, Saturday and Sunday, November 13-14, 2004 in Dublin, CA. This workshop has been experienced around the world and now I am authorized to bring it to you. We’ll spend 2 days learning just what a limiting belief is, how to find it, and most importantly learn a process for changing the belief so you actually feel it. You’ll be able to use this process again and again in every area of your life and help other people change their beliefs. You’ll have to experience the change to understand it.

Tune in next time as we explore beliefs a little more.

An Exercise

Pick one area of your life: finance, relationship, etc. Look back over your life. Is there a pattern? If there isn’t you’re not looking closely enough. Maybe the same kinds of relationships, same people? Do jobs typically end a similar way? Do you live in a recurring cycle with money, like there’s always just enough, never enough, extra money doesn’t last? There’s a cycle in our reality, somewhere, you just need to look for it.

If you know someone with a different cycle, you might ask them what they think about their experiences. Find someone really successful in an area you want success and you’ll find they probably have very different beliefs than you.

Have fun exploring the reality you’ve create.

Using your Inherent Excellence

Our minds are amazingly quick at learning and moving on. So fast that we often forget that we "learned" something rather than it’s just "reality". For example, a phobia can be formed in seconds. I was playing one afternoon when I was 5 and was stung many times by bees. Boy did I learn instantly to be aware of buzzing sounds. The "reality" isn’t that "bees will sting me", it’s just something I learned. So if I can learn that quickly, why not learn empowering beliefs just as quickly? We can choose to learn or re-learn quickly too. We just have to know the process. Stay tuned for more and attend the WealthyMindTM Weekend to experience change you can feel. Use your Inherent Excellence directly.


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