What’s your Money Personality?

If you’ve experienced the Millionaire Mind Intensive you may remember this understanding. Olivia Mellan, a psychologist, realized that money was often the source of the greatest pain in couples, and in all relationships. Also business relationships! She found four patterns people act out around money. They are:

  1. Spender
  2. Hoarder
  3. Avoider
  4. Money Monk

You can take her quick test here to find your personality: http://www.moneyharmony.com/MHQuiz.html

Each of these patterns control people and are typically a reaction to our childhood conditioning. In other words, it’s not “who we are” but instead the robotic behavior we are unconsciously acting out.

Spenders, for example, experience money as power and control. They use money to demonstrate power and any sense of managing their money feels like domination and control. They unconsciously see money as a source of pain and want to get rid of it as soon as possible to create pleasure. Shopping or “being generous” are quick ways to get rid of the pain.

As a spiritual being, our desire is to be enlightened. To be awake. To be truly free. Awareness of patterns and reconditioning those patterns frees us from the suffering of unconsciously acting out. Being clear on what we are truly committed to and being a Manager of Money is the proactive path to freedom. Notice if people in your relationships are acting out one of these patterns too. It’s not about finger pointing! It’s about having choice so we are truly free.


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