A Simple Formula for an Amazing 2006

If you could do one thing that would make 2006 the most amazing year of your life, what would it be? This may be the most important question you’ll answer all year. Clarity is power, so get clear on this one answer. Make sure it’s really the thing that would transform and empower the rest of your life. What would be the benefit of this achievement and WHY would it be important? Stop right here and get clear on this one thing, make a picture in your mind, as if you’ve already achieved it. What would you see, hear, feel, taste, smell? Is it really what you want, will it give you what you’re looking for? If not, get clear on that one thing that will absolutely transform your life. The #1 key to success is knowing what you want, the rest is just habits.

What habits would support you achieving your desired result? What actions could you take on a regular basis? For example, if you want an amazing relationship with your significant other, you could have a weekly date night. You know, like when you first met and you did everything to win over the other person. Maybe you want to have a powerful circle of business partners. Make a point of weekly taking someone you want on your team to lunch and asking them "how could we work together, what could we create?"

There are several key areas that affect us: financial, physical, emotional, mental, social, relational (relationship skills), spiritual, expressional (expressing your personal gifts). For a really amazing year, choose one thing in each area that would transform you life. What are the habits that will give you that achievement? Another example: if you desire a trim body, make a clear picture in your mind of what that looks like. You must have a clear vision. Then, avoiding high-glycemic carbohydrates and exercise are two habits that will get you there. If your expressional goal would be to be a great public speaker so you could express yourself better, you could join Toastmasters.

Expressional is a category I made up for this year. It is so important to discover your deepest heart’s desire to give your gift to others. Maybe that is music or writing that book you’ve dreamed of. Maybe it is painting or helping children. Take time this year to discover how your heart wants to express itself. Find how your spirit desires to contribute beauty to the world. Contribution is the foremost key to a fulfilled life. Discover your gift and share it. People are waiting for your gift!

So that’s the simple formula, vision your top result and determine the simple habits that will get you there. Of course, the master key to making this formula work is to get a partner to support you. Make it someone that cares about you being successful. Check in with them regularly or better yet, have them do the habit with you!

An Exercise

Want an amazing 2006? Declare and vision what you desire in each key life category and what habit will best support that achievement.
Here’s a hint, if you want a really amazing year of peace and joy, start meditating every singe morning before you do anything else. Every thing in our life comes from our mind. There are just two choices in life: meditate or medicate. Guide your mind or have your mind guide you to various forms of distraction. It’s just a choice. Check the web site for an exercise in the previous newsletter for a simple 15 minute meditation that will immediately give you more joy each time you experience it. Meditate for 30 days and everyone around you will notice a major transformation in your happiness. And, IT COSTS NOTHING!

Write next to each area what would transform your life and the habit(s) to support that:


Using your Inherent Excellence

We are simple a collection of habits. Do you brush your teeth and shower every day? That’s just a habit. You can notice that most everything around you is the result of a habit. Even your significant other! The question is, did you consciously use the power of your mind to vision the outcome and choose the habit before? Do your habits support you in living a life of excellence or endangerment? Excellence can be described as living consciously, it’s a habit. Consciously choose awesome habits this year and make it the best year of your life. And get assistance in keeping your habit. There are no bonus points from the universe for doing it yourself. Get a success partner now!


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