Exercise Your Dream Muscle

Well that sounds sexy and provocative doesn’t it? Would you like to create more of your dreams? First let’s understand the great metaphor of exercise and how that helps you create and live your dreams.

Exercise is a great way to build muscle. As we become stronger and stronger we actually look forward to lifting things, to greater challenges. You can think of a strand of muscle as a connection, responding to electrical impulses, that creates action. In a crude way, we can imagine the same connections throughout our brain. We call these connections neuro-pathways. "Neuro" , related to "nerve", comes from Greek meaning "sinew, tendon, cord." Sounds like a muscle. So we can see the similarity between muscles and our brain. And just like a muscle, our pathways atrophy when they are not used.

As we get older, we tend to forget about our dreams. We start to think maybe they aren’t possible, they are dreams of a child, or we’re just too busy. Our mind and the messages of life take over our heart. This is another way of saying the Dream Muscle is experiencing atrophy. The best way to recover a muscle is to use it! Thus, the best way to start rebuilding your Dream Muscle is to go out and experience a dream.

When you were a kid, what’s something you dreamed of doing. For me, one dream was auto racing. Last week, I signed up for a drivers’ school. (The guy in the picture is me.) On a closed course, helmet on and driving coach in the car, we went 42 miles an hour through a slalom and spun out. We went through several exercises that pushed the limits of the car, me, and fear. I’m still floating! I’m planning next to do a weekend course on a full racetrack in Alabama. So what’s a dream you had or have?

Maybe it was with horses, visiting a specific country, driving a race car. Maybe meeting someone or having a certain kind of relationship. Just remembering that dream will bring electrical energy to that dream path, strengthening your Dream Muscle. Now write down what it would be like to do it. Search the Internet for ideas. And most importantly go do some piece of that dream IMMEDIATELY! Find even the smallest piece of your dream and exercise it. Avoid all those excuses of time, money, etc. and find a piece you CAN do now! You’ll find that experiencing your dream will build your Dream Muscle rapidly. It will give you a muscle capable of acting on other dreams. It will get easier, like lifting weights. The first step is the most challenging. Remember your dreams now…

An Exercise

Our minds are an amazing built-in simulation device, like a flight simulator. Everything around us was first imagined. Choose one dream and really take time to image what you will see, hear, feel, taste, smell. You can imagine it in clearer and clearer detail. Rather than seeing through your own eyes, see yourself in the dream goal as if you are really there. This will create a more compelling sense of anticipation. (Seeing through your own eye would unfortunately trick your mind into thinking you already have your dream and don’t need to do anything.) Especially focus on the feelings you’d have and where you’d have them in your body. Now, notice some piece of your dream, any little piece and go create that this week, or at least put it on your calendar as a full commitment. Our brains need exercise just as much as every part of our body. And speaking of your body, are you exercising that?

Using your Inherent Excellence

Your brain has the awesome capability of imagining anything. There must be a reason humans have this unique capability in the animal kingdom. It was put there for a reason. Use your Dream Muscle to imagine again having that awesome loving exciting relationship with your lover. Use it to dream again all those dreams your had when you were a kid. The Law of Attraction draws in what ever we focus on to us. Notice your outside world and you’ll see a reflection of the inside. Change the inside, bring your dreams back, and just notice small things in the world around you pulled in like a magnet. Use your hidden power to create. Don’t let is use you!


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