Are you a Soldier or an Adventurer?

Much of the challenge in the world today is because we come from FIGHT or flight, as animals do. Fight shows up in our everyday suffering. We are trapped. Either we fight for survival, wage war against the opponents, or we are lazy. We look at the world through the eyes of a soldier so the world looks like battles. Especially in a culture waging war for 7 years now. It gets into the blood.

Are you a soldier? Do you approach your life unconsciously as if surrounded by so many opponents? Do even children or the person in the car in front of you seem to be obstacles towards getting to some battle?

The enlightened alternative is to be an Adventurer. Indeed, there is still activity. Much more so because energy is not lost to so many battles. Every day is uncharted territory, every meeting, even with someone we’ve know for 30 years is unpredictable, if we are awake. There are twists and turns, valleys and mountains, and even deserts. This is the glorious mystery of life!

You have a choice, Soldier or Adventurer! Fighter or explorer. Consumer or Creator. It’s a choice in every moment. The conditioning is deep to make everything a fight for survival. Our monkey brain hasn’t evolved a whole lot.

Which will you choose, right now, tomorrow, for the rest of your life? We’ll see…


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