Are you still using Romeo & Juliet as your model for “love”?

With this one article, I hope you will understand why relationships create so much trauma. We see this trauma all around us. But by looking at the seed level, we can transform it.

A tweet from Dr. Wayne Dyer on Wednesday raised some great chatter about love in the community. Here’s his thought:

“In any relationship in which two people become one, the end result is two half people.”

The great challenge in the world is that most people are walking around asleep but they think they are awake. They are looking at the world through unconscious programming, “models” of reality. The key model exposed here is that men and women are half people, incomplete until they find their “soul mate”. This is a dangerous model that leads to disappointment and so much divorce and resentment in couples.

We can trace this model all the way back to Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet. You see, we forget that this story is NOT a love story, it is a TRAGEDY! Shakespeare wrote with incredible depth, not superficial motives. We forget his play is about a girl who is almost 14 and feels that she cannot live without her much older love (he’s maybe 15). Is a 13-year-old our model for love?

Now let’s look around at couples today. They meet and act like 13-year-old children, feeling torn apart if they can’t “have” the other person. If they can have them, they start to want to dominate them, as 13-year-olds do. The model commands that each feel like dying if they can’t be together. This is the test to know if they are feeling “true love”. This is so deep and unquestioned, some will even argue that you are “cynical” for not believing in “love”. Feel like dying or feel nothing, that’s choice the model gives us. Thus, if we are not creating a co-dependant relationship, it must not be love?

With the release of the latest Twilight movie, we are perpetuating this model to generations of girls and women. These women will be mothers and teach their sons and daughters this model of “true love”, which again is really a tragedy. Death or being a vampire that feeds off blood? Is that the choice of true love?

The first step in transforming, in awakening to true freedom, is awareness. As we step into Independence Day in America, let’s be aware of the bondage of tragic love and awaken to spiritual love. Spiritual love is whole people coming together to awaken the world in love. Whole people who see that more love can be awakened in the world with their partner by their side. Focus on being a whole person first!


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