Create a bright compelling future in minutes. Enjoy more hope and joy right now.

In this article, you’ll learn how to literally create a bright future, giving you a sense of hope and joy. Successful people are naturally drawn forward by their vision. It gives them direction, passion, something to "look forward to every day." You can learn how to do this for yourself. Read on…

Language is a magical tool. Everything we speak and hear is rapidly represented inside. This is the magic understanding of NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming. NLP may be the first science in which we realized, just recently in the 1970s, that there is a structure for our experience of the world and we can directly change that structure to rapidly change the way we feel, and are motivated.

For example, many idioms in language are literal experiences inside the mind of the speaker. You might hear a successful, highly motivated person say, "I’m looking forward to a very bright future." This is a great clue, in that the speaker probably actually sees their future internally, out in front of them, and it’s bright.

We all code time inside of us in a unique way. Think about brushing your teeth yesterday, last month, last year. You have a way to tell the difference between events in time. Mainly you can probably feel them in space around you. Imagine these three separate events now for yourself! Sense where they would be in space and draw an imaginary line between them. This is your past timeline. For most people, the past moves outward to their left.

Our future is imagined in the same way. Imagine now, brushing your teeth this morning, tomorrow, next week, etc. Draw a line between them. For most, this line goes out towards their right. Now notice how you see that stretching out. What does it look like? Is it vibrant, colorful, warm, or gray, gloomy, fuzzy, cold. You can imagine things like love, money, etc. and how you think of them. Then, imagine painting these symbolic images along your timeline as an artist might. See wonderful friendships sprinkled along your future and notice how that feels. How you "see" your future is directly how you will feel about it. It’s obvious that an attractive future is much more compelling as well. Of course, there are so many other details to this process beyond the scope of this short article. Contact if you’d like more instruction on this process.

The magic of NLP is understanding that YOU are the director in the movies of your mind. Rather than spend years in therapy or motivational seminars, just directly change your pictures. It’s great to spend some time meditating on how you see the future stretching out before you. Tune it up. Be a great director. Do you want future to be a comedy, adventure, or drama? Also, a note of caution: it’s best to do this work with a trained professional NLP Master. You want one that is excellent at guiding you shift your pictures in a responsible way that best supports your long-term success. Make sure they are a professional with experience.

An Exercise

Sit quietly, close your eyes, and breathe deeply. Think of a routine task, like brushing your teeth, and get a sense of the task at various time intervals. Sense where they each is in space. Get a sense of your future as you "see" it now. If it’s tough to get a sense of your future, that can explain much about how you currently feel. The more positive the picture of your future, the more hope and joy you will probably feel right now. Also notice if your future is calm or frantic. That’s probably your life experience right now. You might even take a moment to journal about your current state. Notice how you’re current feelings are closely related to if and how you see your future.

Now experiment with various ways to imagine your future. It could be as a beautiful trail up mountain, or a multi-lane highway. Add vibrant color, or muted, sounds, maybe a road made of gold bars. Notice how every change makes you feel. If it doesn’t feel great, hopeful, etc. change it.

Again, be smart here. Put a reminder on your calendar for one week from now to check in on your changes and make sure they support you and those around you positively. If not, change your pictures back to original or tune them up again. It’s best to work with a professional NLP Master to be precise the first time. This work is like messing around in the wizards lab, it’s best to learn from the wizard first.

I’d love to get emails from you on what you experience and what pictures create the best results.

Using your Inherent Excellence

Our minds are incredible learning machines. Everything we experience is coded and stored in an amazing structure in our brain. It sounds like magic at first, but so does a light switch if you’ve never seen one before. No amount of description is the same as actually flipping the lights on the first time.


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