Synchronicity: The conspiracy theory that creates magic.

The movie for the world-famous Celestine Prophecy book is being released this weekend, in sneak previews first then major theaters. With 15 million copies printed since 1995, Celestine is quite a phenomenon. James Redfield, the author, said in coming up with the book he wanted to capture what was happening in the Human Potential movement since the ’70s. Human beings are evolving so incredibly fast now. The book blends spiritual concepts with understanding from psychology and teaches ways to work better with people and live from a place of magic. The movie will be a way to teach these tools to a world audience. Synchronicity is one of the keys to that evolution. Actually, synchronicity is an ancient concept and using it in your daily life will transform life in a way that creates magic.

First, what is "synchronicity"? Synchronicity is a word coined by Swiss psychologist Carl Jung (1875-1961) to describe coincidences that seem to have a meaningful connection; an underlying pattern. It suggests there is a governing dynamic, and not just chance, connecting our experiences. Another way to think of this is as "inverse paranoid". That is, there is something working in the background trying to tell me something or maybe even help me.

In December ’05 when I saw James, his encouragement to was to "boldly seek out synchronicities!" When something seems to be a coincidence, follow it through. For example, if you keep seeing a guy in the same coffee shop, stop and talk to him. The reason you keep seeing him is that you have something to tell each other in answer to the question you are holding in your life. Together you will do something great for the planet and it’s people.

Now imagine the impact of this "conspiracy theory" that the is actually a hidden order to the universe and we are getting help. Is that true? Who cares?! Studies show that pessimists have a more accurate view of the world, but optimists live longer. Which group do you want to be in. The magic here is that seeing is believing. What we believe is all that we can see. That’s how our brain works. It deletes out the overload of data around us and only lets in what we focus on. Otherwise we would collapse from over stimulation of our sense. Thus if you don’t believe in luck, magic, working with ease, etc. your brain will delete those things out. It works the other way too, if you believe you are lucky and the universe is conspiring to give you want you want and bring amazing people into your life, that what you experience. Put simply, we create our reality from our beliefs.

So I highly encourage you to check out this movie and play along. Send me an email and tell me what starts happening when you believe in synchronicity and USE it. I had been holding the question, "How can I meet successful people to teach me and grow my business?" Then I happened to see James speak on Celestine. I got three business offers in two days just by following "chance", or at least that’s what I used to think. Have fun with it! Imagine if the whole world though that the universe was out to support them. What kind of world would that be? Beliefs don’t have to be true, they just have to support you and the world in being in joy.

An Exercise

Think of any "coincidences" you’ve had in this last week. People you’ve seen. Someone that keep popping into your mind. A word you keep seeing on billboards, signs, emails, etc. Write them down. Now, consider "what could it mean?" If you’re brain replies "nothing", I’ll guess you don’t experience much magic in your life. If it means negative things, do you find much negativity in your life. Our brain’s main function is to formulate meanings. Successful people create positive meanings for their experiences.

Using your Inherent Excellence

If you want to know what beliefs are running your life, look around you. The outer world is simply a reflection of the inner world. If you have struggle in your intimate relationship, somewhere inside you believe it is OK to struggle, argue, or that’s just how relationships go. Really, those are just beliefs. Changing your beliefs is the fastest way to change your outer world. For a great example of powerful beliefs in the area of money, check out Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. This is probably the first book to really explore and update the hidden beliefs probably 90% of people around the world are holding on to.


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