Have you read the book that inspired The Secret?

The Science of Getting Rich, by Wallace D. Wattles is the book that inspired Rhonda Burn to create The Secret. This book was written in 1910 at a time when men in the West, like Freud, were discovering the true power of the mind. The late 1800s ushered in the New Thought movement in the US and a new kind of spirituality. One in which a God, or Infinite Intelligence, was actually benevolent and supportive of man.

This hundred-year-old book does reflect man exploring ideas about the universe still a bit influenced by superstitions. However, from a psychology perspective, it’s understanding of visualization and clear purpose is profound and simple. It’s a tiny book and a quick read. Anyone interested in success can’t skip this book.

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You can read a copy of the original book here: Book


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