The 3 stages of evolution: excitement, love, joy.

When we are spiritual adolescents, we’re all about excitement. As Tim Ferriss points out in the 4-Hour Workweek, most people are not sad, they are bored. Most fill themselves with alcohol, TV, Internet, work, relationships, because they are bored. I find entrepreneurs become workaholics because they would be bored without this distraction. Who wants to just sit with another human being, or by one’s self, and connect? So, we seek excitement. Maybe this is simply what Tiger Woods was doing?

Thus we seek excitement, which is good. Go dancing, learn rock climbing, have passionate sex. Find what you can be excited about in your work. Take your son to a baseball game, just you two. Do something exciting, just one-on-one with each child individually. Plan something that would excite your spouse and surprise them. Or maybe start your first company. Be excited!

Now that you are getting excited, add love. Love is unconditional giving. it’s giving from a place of knowing there is an unlimited source of good within you. Your heart is wide open like the ocean, undefended. It’s the place where there is no mind. Sex now becomes just giving to each other, with no mind involved. Not trying to get anywhere, because you have experienced excitement. Mind is not tricking us into “thinking” we don’t have enough to give or we need to get first.

From this place, true joy emerges. It is the bliss of feeling alive with no mind, purely giving. You take risks, like starting a business, from the pure joy of giving of yourself in connection with others. You’re flowing, like water, because mind is not necessary other than to be a servant to who you really are.


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