How do Oprah or Eckhart Tolle achieve their goals?

Are you curious how a billionaire reaches their goals?

How is it that Oprah could become a billionaire, with the top rated show in TV, web cast with over 26 million people, XM Radio show, films, you name it? How could Eckhart sell over 5 million copies of his book (a best seller is 35,000!) and begin to transform our planet?

I’ve clipped out this 10 minutes of video from the two-hour final episode of their historic web cast which answers this question. If you have any goals at all (uh, are you breathing?) you MUST watch this video. Eckhart describes having a vision rather than struggling for a goal.

Great visions come from the inside – out, not the outside – in. Take a few seconds now to feel this in your body before you read more…

Whether it’s Bill Gates seeing a computer in every home, Fred Smith seeing packages delivered anywhere over night, or Oprah seeing people being empowered through teaching, an inside-out vision is the common thread.

Practice an inside-out vision or struggle, it’s your choice!


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