Lead BOLDLY with your heart!

Remember, your deepest desire is to EXPAND!

You’re heart wants to expand. There is literally an electro-magnet field surrounding your beating heart that extends out from your body. It’s much like the field of the earth, which provides protection from the sun’s rays and also sustains life, communications systems, navigation, etc.

So you see, everything in the universe is a metaphor for everything else. An atom is like the solar system. Your heart is like the earth. The universe is like your mind, full of possibilities.

Right now, feel that field. Feel that your heart literally expands out beyond your body. See, hear, and feel that your heart wants to expand and lead you.  It wants to expand to the edges of the universe and beyond. The mind and body MUST follow!

This heart field is part of your Inherent Excellence. Part of the magic system built inside you that no one taught you about in school. And, it’s SO simple. Feel that your heart wants to EXPAND. Feel that it wants to lead you. Where does it want to lead you? What’s your deepest desire to expand that your mind & body have been afraid to do? Take a step in that direction this week and tell the mind and body, “It’ll be OK! The heart is the one who sees.”


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