List of archetypes from a leading expert.

image Socrates suggested the key to happiness was: “Know thyself.” Archetypes are ancient energies that have been since in mankind since the dawn of time. Greek plays and Gods were examples of these. We have the king, the jester, the miser. There is the queen, the temptress, the princess. Each of us has a unique mix of these archetypes. Some have “the Midas touch” (Donald Trump) in which everything seems to turn to gold for them. Others have “the scribe” and writing comes naturally to them (Deepak Chopra).

Connecting with our archetypes can inform us about what may be most fulfilling to us. They may remind us about what we’ve forgotten. They can give us strength to power us forward when we don’t know what energy to use.

Caroline Myss has taken up the mantle that Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell built. Here’s an exhaustive list which you can browse to discover your personal archetypes. Simply read them and notice which ones truly resonate with who you are, who you’ve always been, NOT who you wish you were. Wishing for another archetype, like Midas, is to diminish and judge your own energy as less-than. You’ve incarnated in this life for a new journey. Enjoy it! Notice where an archetype really fits, and if you don’t like it, notice how you can harness what is good about it. For example, if you’ve got the queen, how can you harness her energy to become a benevolent queen that can make the tough decisions for your people. Share this exercise with friends and ask them if what you’ve listed matches who you are.

Write down your archetypes and ponder how they may point towards your destiny.


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