$159 WiFi bathroom scale easily tracks your weight progress

imageAll right, this is about the slickest coaching tool I’ve seen in years. Hitting goals is always easier when we do tracking. Great athletes always track their stats. Now you can easily track your ideal-weight progress just by looking online at your chart.

Just step on this baby any time and it automatically uploads your weight, fat mass, lean mass, & date for tracking. If you’re committed to reaching your ideal weight, this may be the perfect tool. Heck, it could be the ideal holiday gift for your entire family! With 50% of illness in the U.S. coming from obesity, reaching your ideal weight is possibly the best health insurance you can buy.

And of course, they’ve got an iPhone app.


There’s a link in the store to go to the U.S. store. It’s $168 total including shipping.

To your health…



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