Overcome behaviors such as depression, ADD, & anxiety.

These three labels might describe 90% of people in North America. Though I avoid limiting nationalizations (made up names) like the plague, this gives us a starting point for a discussion. Many North Americans fight apathy, lack of joy, worry, and lack of focus on a daily and hourly basis. You probably know someone that could feel happier, maybe someone intimately?

Dr. Daniel Amen will demonstrate his techniques for addressing these “behaviors” on his PBS special September 15th, 2008 in Los Angeles area. Check your local listings to see if your PBS station will be carrying this hands-on PBS special. We call them “behaviors” because these are things you DO, not what you HAVE. We don’t HAVE depression, like it’s a thing. That’s the materialistic mechanized view. We humans DO depression. It’s a set of behaviors, thoughts, and actions. We’d like those to change, just as with any behavior.

Amen has been doing revolutionary 3D scans of the human brain for years. he looks at what part of the brain is effected during different behaviors and what can change the brain. One of the specific tools I hear Amen will cover in this special is Laugh Therapy. Laughter releases powerful drugs in your system that can counteract many behaviors and often illness. Norman Cousins discovered this when he laughed himself into overcoming heart disease. This is a practical method to feeling better NOW: laugh! Go to your Netflix account right now and rent every comedy you can find. Watch only comedies for a month and notice how you feel.

Check out your PBS channel and find more tools for being happy and uncovering your Inherent Excellence.


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