Scientifically measure your happiness in 5 minutes. Start the new year with the resolution to be happier.


How happy are you? It’s the most important human desire. All desires are really methods of being happy. But how do you measure happiness so you can increase it?

University of Pennsylvania has a department dedicated to scientifically measuring happiness. They have many online tests you can take in a few minutes to get a number so you know where you’re at.

Why is measurement important? Any game worth playing has a way to track it. When one knows where they are at there’s a natural mechanisms within us to improve that score. The Game of Life is like any other game and happiness is what the game is about! Whether you want better money, health, relationships, or career in 2009, you want them because you think they’ll make you happier. Go for happiness directly in 2009.

Click here to take their Authentic Happiness Inventory Questionnaire. It’s 24 questions and you’ll get a score and how you rank compared to other groups. First you’ll need to register so your tests can be ranked. Pick the ‘Register’ item on the top menu. Then take the test.

Answer honestly and go quickly. The point isn’t to get a high score, it’s to raise your score over time. The beginning of the year is a great time to check your number. Now, whatever your score, make a decision toward at least one thing you can do in 2009 to increase your happiness. (A clue: focus on one of the questions having a better answer.) Take the test every few months and see how you’re doing.

Happy New Year!


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