Where are you willing to be wrong?

You can either be right or you can be rich. The top thing our ego thrives on is being right. It would rather have you be broke, homeless, and alone than be wrong. In this holiday season, one of the things that is really making us most unhappy is being right and keeping other people wrong.

Holidays bring up lots of pain for many people. Relationships that haven’t gone well. Stress when being around loved ones we still do talk to. Some are reminded of how alone they really are in the world. How alone they have become.

All this separation comes from the ego. That entity in all humans that thrives on separation. it uses being right as a tool to separate humans. It tries to convince us we are better off without others. It makes us think we’ll be destroyed if we are wrong. Actually, it’s the ego that is destroyed when we are wrong, not YOU. The secret is… overcoming ego. Really pissing it off is the greatest joy. The greatest freedom from the suffering of ego is seeing where others are right and letting them be right. We’re all just trying to survive.

So here’s the way to reveal huge joy this holiday, and every day for the rest of your life: Be willing to be wrong and see where others are right. Start at work. Maybe you’ve been suffering at work because you think you are right and a boss/co-worker/company is wrong? In your family, are you still holding on to an old event where you still feel right? Let yourself be wrong! See how the other was right. Stop being right and be wrong for just a moment. Share that with someone. Be truly rich, not right.

Take the rest of this month to be wrong about something or someone and notice each time how much Light is revealed in the world when you overcome your inner opponent.


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