Seahawks coach uses mindfulness to mold Super Bowl Champions

In my last article, I mentioned that Pete Carroll, coach of the Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks uses mindfulness with his team. It’s a modern revolution in human potential that’s 2500 years old.

Cover_Dec2014_500pxThough Carroll doesn’t have his players practice meditation specifically, he does use the principals of mindfulness, of really practicing being fully in the current moment, so they can access their greatness even under the highest stress. One example in the article recounts how during a practice, fans are making tremendous noise and a task force of Marines flies in by helicopter, drops into the lake near by the field, and stages an attack on the training camp.

What we learn from this is that mindfulness is NOT finding yet another escape to get some peace. It’s about CREATING inner peace that persists even in the toughest situations. It’s presence for real life, not just for monks or people that “can’t take it.” I’ve found personally that my mindfulness training allows me to be the eye of the storm. It’s crucial to leadership!

As they say in the article, the “control-freak” coaches just don’t get this kind of training. It scares many old world business leaders that rely on their people staying in fear so they are more controllable. But, we don’t want sheep. We want Peaceful Warriors. Notice if the control-freak in your mind is intimidated by letting your inner spirit start to run the show.

Many people asked me for a follow-up so they could read more about coach Carroll and how he’s transforming football. Click the photo of the magazine cover to learn more about “mindful” magazine’s December 2014 issue. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like they have the article online. You’ll need to find the issue at a bookstore or order it.


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  1. Tina Evans Avatar
    Tina Evans

    Ahhh, the secret to winning vs the Broncos last year! Great article – looking for the magazine.

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