Sir Edmund Hillary, first to climb Mt. Everest dies at 88 today. He taught us we need no "reason" for anything we do.

Sardar Tenzing Norgay, right, and Edmund Hillary at the British Embassy in Katmandu, capital of Nepal, on June 26, 1953.

Sir Edmund was a rare man. Often quoted for his famous answer to the question, "Why did you climb Mount Everest?" His answer, "Because it was there!"

What a great example he was of the human spirit. To simply take on challenges for no other reason than because they are there. He is an example of an era gone by. I say this because we seem to have become a society obsessed with having a reason for everything.

The Reasoning Mind (ego) wants a reason for everything. Our soul, our spirit, that part of us that doesn’t show up on any lab report, needs no reason for anything!

Take for example the greatest search of all… happiness. Happiness has become so deeply rooted in reason that we can only be happy now for a reason. Reasons are fleeting however. Maybe a reason is buying a new car, meeting the perfect person, winning the lottery, or some other occurrence.

Bliss or joy is something that occurs for absolutely no reason at all. This has become so foreign to most people, they actually put others down that don’t have a reason. They will argue that, "I have no reason to be happy."

Be a rebel, be a pioneer, experience bliss for absolutely no reason at all. Simply because joy exists in the universe, you choose it. Let go of reason. Consider who is more insane, the person in bliss for no reason at all or the person who can never be happy because they are obsessed with finding a reason to be happy for a while. You choose! Climb the mountain of joy because it is there!


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