Eckhart Tolle & Oprah bring joy and peace to the world.

If you haven’t heard of Eckhart Tolle yet, you will soon! His latest book,oprah - a new earth A New Earth, has already sold 5 million copies  and is the current best seller on

In this book, Eckhart clarifies the key source of pain and suffering on earth: ego. In it, he describes how every human mind has this built-in mechanism which separates us from other people creating the drama in our lives. More importantly, he gives straight-forward and simple understandings for how we can limit this ego chatter and create "a new earth" together. He goes way beyond the me-centric ego gratification in The Secret to real peace and joy right now. Those of you familiar with my work know that releasing our fear-based chatty ego mind and harnessing our inner beingness is the key to all real happiness.

Oprah and Eckhart are doing the first-ever global Webcast classroom. Each Monday at 6pm Pacific Time, for 10 weeks, they will be teaching and answering questions about the book. Click this link to watch the Webcast live: A New Earth live Webcast

Many have found that with 139 countries watching, the Internet just can’t handle the load. I’ve found a better way to get the program is automatically each Tuesday in iTunes. Click this podcast link to show in your iTunes then subscribe. You’ll get the 90-minute video and the audio version to watch or listen to any time.

If you don’t have iTunes yet, it is very easy to use. Click this button to install Download iTunes, then come back here and click the iTunes button above.

I’ll posting to the blog about the book, ego and how to lessen it, revealing your true being. I’d love to receive comments her on the topic.

The book is just $7.70 on Amazon:


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