The power and freedom of shadow work.

It’s been a while since I’ve shared the power of shadow work. I’ll bring you more in following articles. I run across the shadow so frequently now and see how much peace and freedom it brings.

Of course, calling it a shadow might have some shy away. We want to talk about Light, happy thoughts, and we don’t want to dwell in the darkness. But this is actually quick work, not dwelling. We find an area of shadow and turn on the Lights. Done. Light is the best disinfectant.

Today, I just wanted to remind us of how freeing it is to identify a shadow element, something shameful we are hiding from, and become free. Consider 12-step programs for example. The first step is to OWN the shadow. Unless we own it, it owns us! We declare what we’re ashamed of to loving people who will not shame us. When someone declares, “I’m an alcoholic”, they break the control of the ego. They step into the Light and realize they are not broken. They are human. They get more freedom in that instant, freedom from ego, and more connection with the Light.

Owning ALL of us sets us free to be human, not perfect. Let’s drop the idea of perfection that we use to abuse ourselves and others. Let’s instead be human, loving, and whole.

More to come…


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