Tony Robbins on why most people/couples can’t find happiness.

I was inspired 20 years ago to study NLP because of Tony Robbins. He took this amazing new development in psychology to the masses. Below is a 4 1/2 minute video that explains why most couples can’t seem to find happiness, the most important human desire. The reason: their “rules” for being happy are not achievable. This is true for individuals also. Most people have a rule for being happy that can never be achieved.

No wonder most Americans, in numerous polls, say they are unhappy. And, as this world shrinks and we export American technology, are we exporting unreachable rules for happiness too? (Another term for “rule” might be “Standard of Living.”) I was recently in Mexico for a week, a fairly poor country even in the resort town of Mazatlan. However, it was profound how happy these people seemed, most likely because of their achievable rule for being happy.

What are your rules for happiness? Watch this video to understand how we elicit rules in NLP and email me or leave some comments on this blog to share with others. Let’s hear what kind of rules you’ve been living with.

Men, pay particular attention because many of us want our women to be happy all the time. We want to be “successful”, it’s the masculine objective. The challenge, the feminine doesn’t want to be happy all the time, just like our beautiful earth doesn’t want to be sunny all the time.


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