What are you complaining about?

Get over yourself! (Your false ego self that is.)

The mayor of the 6th largest city in Canada is 88 years old and still plays hockey. She’s been mayor 31 years (11 terms) and their city is DEBT FREE and has $700 million in reserves! Why… as she says simply in the video… “we have a plan”.

This lady is what we call HIGH VIBRATIONAL TONE. Just feel her energy. Feel the vibrational tone she vibrates at. It’s pure spirit. Everything in the universe is vibrating. Even the air around you, that you can’t see (unless you’re here in LA with me), is atoms and molecules that are vibrating. Rocks are made of vibrating energy. The Light that allows vision is simply vibration. Everything, including you, has a wavelength at which it vibrates. And most importantly, your thoughts are vibrational energy. (An electrical charge is pure vibrational energy.)

Remember that vibrations tend to match over time. If you are complaining, eventually life around you will vibrate at that same wavelength. Crap attracts crap. So watch out this week for that unconscious complaining about your boss, co-workers, “the economy”, or a lessened chance to get more stuff in your life this week. Think of Hazel all this week and ask yourself, “what am i complaining about?”

Hazel was born in 1921. She’s lived in the Great Depression and has seen harder things than your tiring day. BUT, she stays at high tone. Why? She’s got a dream, a plan, greater than herself! She’s dreaming for a city! And she does it with a smile. Focus on a dream to help more people than yourself and see what happens in your life.

I for one am going to watch this video every morning for a week to remind myself that “If she can do it, I can do it!” Pure spirit resonates at a high tone to help others. Let’s all do that with a smile this week. Give EVERYONE a big smile this week and see what comes back to you.

Thanks goes to one of my amazing coaching clients for sharing this reminder that feeling old and tired is a choice. Click here to go to the blog if you can’t see the video in your reader.


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