You can always get back up! He did!

Here’s the link to the video if you can’t see it in your email: Nick

I dare you not to shed tears of recognition and hope when you want this video. Nick is an amazing inspiration to us all. At 8 years old, he wanted to give up. He transmuted this into a purpose, a mission, to share hope with others. He has turned his challenge into a gift for others. he is focused on other rather than him self.

“The economy” may fail. Some may be out of work. Many may not be able to pay bills. But we will all get back up! If Nick can, we can. We must simply overcome that opponent in our head. It’s the only challenge we truly have.

Have gratitude today for your arms and legs. For your job and your boss that is struggling with their own challenges. Share this video with people around you and shift your consciousness to sharing and hope with everyone today.

Know that YOU are love itself. Feel that love within you and let it flow outward from you. Everything else is an illusion of limitation.


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