What can you learn from the co-founder of personal computing? (video)

Bill Gates may be as important to human history as Guttenberg, who invented the printing press. Human knowledge went from a tiny number of people who bought books in stores to every single human having information, and connection to the whole world, in the palm of their hands. Even decades of dictatorship have recently been toppled because of the freedom of information that at one time, only churches and kings were allowed to have.

But, did you know, Gates didn’t do it alone? He did it with his childhood friend, Paul Allen, just 2 years older than Gates. This should blow out of the water your ego’s story that “YOU HAVE TO DO IT ALONE TO BE VALUEABLE!” I think the idea of doing things alone is one of the most childish and painful misunderstandings of ego that exist.

Original video link: http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=7363070n&tag=related;photovideo

We could learn a lot about partnership from this story! Don’t let the media’s focus on conflict to sell products get to you. Instead, focus on how these two boys WERE able to work together for so many years, even though they were geeks with little to no relationship skills. When we have a higher purpose, especially a project that helps mankind advance, the challenges really become meaningless. Dreaming works better when you have a friend by your side. (Maybe even a coach?)

These kids dreamt of a computer in every home and did it together.


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  1. agreed but I truly feel that its the therapy apesct of NLP that is going to free the minds of so many. Modelling is fine and all but without the therapy before hand you still leave yourself open to distored perspectives and world views can you imagine someone with bad intent who decided to model excellent individuals? for me modelling is a byproduct after doing the therapy and the therapy is the most important as it clears out alot to make room for real change.

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