What does it mean to be a “man”?

Wow, this one came out of left field, eh? I haven’t talked about this CRUCIAL subject of sexual essence here on the blog, but it’s time! If you know my work personally, you know the MASSIVE shift in joy, peace, and expression that honoring your true essence (masculine or feminine) brings. So, here we go gang…

The “war of the sexes” launched in the 1970s had casualties, as all war does. That’s American culture, we start wars, on cancer, drugs, government, sex. Often with great progress and peace but with costs that are glossed over. The cost is usually losing the great wisdom of the past.

Hilarious Miller ad has the answer for what it means to be a man: drink their brand of alcohol.

Today, being a “man” has just gotten weird. Most women know this, they complain about it with their girl friends, but are afraid to ask men to be real men again. It’s become so confusing what “man” means, that advertisers are capitalizing on this deep confusion to sell their products. This is what corporate advertisers do! They hire brilliant graduate psychologist to find deep human weakness to install their products as a solution. Case in point, watch this TV spot. Notice how we laugh at the lost men and Miller conveniently has solution… drink their brand of beer and you’ll be a man. (But think about it, “light beer” is manly?)

Watching ads like these, it should be obvious why alcoholism is out of control in America. Drinking has been sold as the #1 way to be a man!

Reply to the blog and tell me what you think it means to be a “man”. Ladies and gents, let’s hear from you both.


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  1. Leah Otte Avatar
    Leah Otte

    A “real”man doesn’t fall victim to his PAST, he embraces it as lessons to guide him to his true purpose. Like in battle he is a warrior, moving forward towards the next mission, not playing the role of a wounded soldier! Doesn’t talk endlessly about what he is going to do, he takes action! Has focus. Only drinks beer because he enjoys it, not because he “needs” it! Stands firm, in his deepest truth. He is strong in direction & lives life fully, following his highest vision. Conscious doing…. you can feel his integrity, has a knowing that he will accomplish that vision and brings this forward daily. Has a balance that includes strength & boldness. He treats his body as a temple, not a place to store beer! Is present with his women; practices loving her in all moments, with an open heart, he settles for nothing less in return. Relaxed, in his masculine essence. Passionate. Spends time with the guys doing ” guy things!” doesn’t tag along for a pedicure!

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