What does Obama’s win mean?

obama It means whatever you want it to mean!

Personally, I belief it is not the policies of a leader that are important. Instead, it is the metaphor they represent that leads us. Presidents are an archetype that molds the people of the US. We are letting go of a metaphor that your family influence, powerful connections, and a cowboy-like separatist attitude are what it takes.

Mr. Obama’s metaphor is that “anything is possible.” His metaphor is being one of our youngest presidents with only 2 years in the Senate. This implies that one doesn’t need decades of experience to lead, to win. One can have a compelling vision, keep faith in their vision, and use cooperation rather than competition to win. One can start a company, express their art, make changes in their neighborhood or their family, be whatever they want from a place of passion rather than seniority or history. No longer are our parents, our race, our history an excuse for giving up.

Anything is possible! That was shown to the world last night. That a country built on on slavery could grow and change. There’s still a long way to go but a door has been opened.

Of course, there are some who will make up negative meanings, just as I am making up positives. Have compassion and help them make better meanings that empower them and the world around them. Our choice, in moments of change, is to decide what our meanings will be rather than let our fear-based mind make up the meaning.

Anything is possible because YOU make it all up. It’s time for your own personal victory. If anything IS possible, what do YOU want to create? What is YOUR vision? begin it now. Anything is possible.


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