The real conflict in the world comes from our human brain. (video from brain scientist)

It seems conflict is everywhere today. It’s in the news, financial markets, TV series, political candidates. One side against the other is what our world seems to be. Us and them. The left and the right political party. The source of this conflict is WITHIN each of us. Then people get into groups and it magnifies the conflict. All this conflict comes from the war of the left and right hemispheres in your brain. This 20-minute video will inspire you to end the internal war. Maybe you’ll be inspired to end the conflict in the world by starting with you!

Jill Bolte Taylor is a Neuro-Anatomist and Brain Scientist that experienced a stroke and lost the function of her left hemisphere years ago. As a researcher, she see this tragedy as a gift of insight she can bring to the world about how our brains really work. She got to experience the full purpose of the right hemisphere of our brain and what using both hemispheres can mean for our world. I truly believe that the saying, “living in balance”, means the balance of both hemispheres.

There are many processes in NLP for balancing the hemispheres, head and heart, to end internal conflict. Conflict, one side vs. the other, being stuck at a crossroads of decision can all be resolved. Inner conflict is one of the most common challenge I see people struggling with. I’ve created a sheet your can use any time you feel the inner conflict, the feeling of having to choose between to ways. Go to and download the Conflict Integration Playsheet now.


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