Where did kindness go?

Someone forwarded on this movie to me to send out on the blog. It’s so cool there are folks actually reading this, right?!

The Simple Truth of Service

Studies have show that our serotonin (happy drug) levels & immune function rise immediately when witnessing an act of kindness. Kindness MUST be good for us!

But it seems to me our world today is making “kindness” a dirty word. That’s an ugly truth. There is even programming in culture that suggests ‘being kind is being weak’ or that fear is the proper attitude. No place is this more obvious than the U.S. election process. It seems to be cooler to make fun of kindness so kindness doesn’t happen.

Well, watch this movie and notice how great it makes you feel witnessing kindness & thoughtfulness. Let’s start a wave of kindness today, like a wave in a stadium. All it takes is a few people. To me, it seems kindness is the #1 missing ingredient in America today that makes this generation more isolated and lonely than any generation before.

Watch online: https://clarity.zone/?p=515


4 responses to “Where did kindness go?”

  1. “Of all the frictional resistance, the one that most retards human
    movement is ignorance. The friction which results from ignorance can be reduced only by the spread of knowledge and the unification of the heterogeneous elements of humanity. No effort could be better spent.”

    – Nikola Tesla

    I believe the negative political ads and lack of kindness or even civility (alluding to your most recent blog post) fuel
    the ignorance.

  2. I always post your blogs to my facebook because I love your message and i want to pass it on! Below is a comment from a friend of mine.

    \ hey thanks for posting these blogs, they are so nice to read…and as I was driving today I let a cyclist pass me instead of trying to cut them off….i was pleased as heck to get a smile from them back….small things oxox\

  3. WOW! What if each day each of us was kind like your friend was to the bicyclist?

  4. Loving actions make so much difference… Thanks for posting this, Erol.

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