Why do a vision board, this weekend?

This weekend is a great time to play with your vision board! The purpose of a vision board is to help our visualization abilities. When we are children, we’re great at visualizing what we want. We make vivid emotional pictures. But we shut off our ability sometimes because it’s so vivid we see monsters, get scared, and stop. Mostly, it because adults tell us it’s not good to imagine so much. We might “get our hopes up.” But that’s exactly what we want in life.

We are visual creatures. We use pictures to give ourselves direction. Without pictures, you couldn’t find your car or home after work. You wouldn’t find your favorite restaurant. And you won’t reach your goals.

Kate Winslet, in last year’s Oscar acceptance, said she’d been kissing the shampoo bottle in the shower and accepting the Oscar since she was a little girl. Tiger Woods intended to the greatest golfer of all time. When he was five, he wrote all the greats scores on a piece of paper and stuck it to the ceiling above his bed. Every morning and every night he’d lay there visualizing beating all their scores and becoming the greatest golfer. Andre Agassi said he’d visualize beating the top player 10,000 times the year he’d won Wimbledon. Notice a pattern here? They not only did the work, they gave their mind specific instructions on where they were going. Olympic athletes have been doing this for decades.

Clear images are put into the Reticular Activating Center of the brain acting like a targeting system on a missle. Advertisers know this and keep showing you images over and over until you are unconsciously driven to have their product. This is why 61% of Americans are obese. They see an image of fast food and next thing they know it’s in their mouth. Why not advertise in your own mind towards happiness and turn off the advertiser all around you?

Sure, your ego mind thinks it’s hokey to do a vision board. But your ego mind doesn’t want you happy either. It wants to keep you from changing. Stop listening to that ego and start listening to science and your heart. Do your vision board to make really clear the pictures in your mind. Success is a habit, not a hope.

Just get a board from Michael’s or a craft store. Use crayons, markers, magazine photos & words, or Google images. I like Google because I can find anything and print it out. Take a glue stick and stick away. Let go of perfect. That’s some weird idea we got growing up. Put up images that give your mind instructions for what you want it to do. It’s your mind, give it clear orders.

You are a creator! Begin creating your life in pictures. hang up your board where you see it daily. Condtion your mind just like advertisers by using repetition and emotion so your intentions become a magnificent obsession.


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