What are you “intending” for 2010?

You may ask, why “intentions” rather than “goals” on the 2010 sheet? Why is a coach talking about intentions? Good question!

Goals are absolutely important! Goal is a word that speaks of external end points. It makes a static picture in the mind of a destination; usually we are not in the picture. Do this now. Think of a goal and notice what you see in your mind’s eye. Notice how we are often disconnected from the picture. it is “out there”. This is where people get caught up in goals making them happy but they don’t. They were never connected.

Intention is a word that creates a movie in our mind. Notice also that you will have a feeling of connection and movement with this movie. YOU are the actor in this move because your feeling is in it. You are involved. You are intending from your ability to create.

Shaman will teach us about the power of our intention. Intending is the brush that paints and we are holding that brush. We are “made in the image of the creator”, thus we ARE creators, we are artists. Use your intention to see the movie of how your story will unfold with you co-creating it. Notice even in a small moment, setting your intention, “I intend to create love at this dinner party.” Feel into the word “intend”. Set it in your sub-conscious mind. See the movie of it unfolding. Notice what happens.

Another word for intention is faith. Intention is using your faith as a power. I had a client that had a goal of 50% more income one year. He could see the end point, the effort, the struggle involved, but he knew he could reach the goal. Then I asked, what about intending double? You don’t know how this could happen; you are just setting your intention to have it created. Though initially hesitant, he did. He could see it happening in complete mystery of how. Opening each day to possibility. Indeed, he came in just shy of $500,000 that year (double). It wasn’t just effort. It was a chain of events he couldn’t have planned. Maybe it was intention? Maybe it was the unfolding of his dream?

Reconnect with you as creator this year; right now. Never use your intention to manipulate. It’s not about others. It’s about your experience; it’s about how you will experience love.

There’s a 1-page intentions sheet for you on my resources page, also with some other tools to support you in creating this year: http://inherentexcellence.com/resources.htm


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