Why do people do amazing things?

Les Brown is one of the last Great Orators. He’s a man that loves the human word, how it flows, inspires, transforms. He was the first speaker I ever saw live, some 20 years ago when he started out at 42 years old. Who thinks “I’m too old to do what I really want to do. I should have started younger.”

The video here reveals why people climb mountains, swim the English Channel, or do anything. It’s “passion, you’ve got to love it!” Do it even though no one wants it. You have the vision because it was given to you to do.

It may be helpful to know too that Les was a radio announcer for years. Listen to that booming voice. In his day, being a black man was an almost insurmountable wall to getting on the radio. That was his real dream. To share that voice with the world.

Next week I’ll be coaching at an event called Life Directions when 600 people will go through an intensive process of remembering their mission and vision for life then make a plan for income in that dream. This is my fifth year because I am so moved when a person gets that little tear and sees their vision. It’s a tear of excitement and fear. It’s like remembering your forgotten fondest childhood memory. The way you were when you were completely free

Forget “The Economy”! What would you do if you had all the money and everything else handle? Now do that a little each day. Stop waiting!