Compelling Future NLP Process

Here’s the Compelling Future process for students attending Peak Potential’s Life Directions seminar. And anyone wanting to install their vision into their future.

Now that you have your mission & vision it’s important to really anchor them into your system. Your Mind is the only thing that is between you and your vision. People that are really driven are pulled forward constantly by their passionate vision. That feeling overcomes the doubts which are bound to arise. They “see” that their vision is going to happen, it’s just a matter of taking the steps. They are compelled forward. Wouldn’t you like to feel drawn forward to your vision?

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. It was developed in the mid-70s by a computer science major at UC Santa Cruz (thus the interesting name). Richard Bandler worked for a publisher while going to school and applied the mind of a programmer to discover what were the key ingredients that support massive change by three of the greatest therapist who’ve ever lived. NLP can be thought of as a model of a programming language for the mind. We realize the way we look at things in our inner mind effect our feelings and thus our outcomes. NLP discovers the structure of thinking of successful people so anyone can have the same thinking.

I use NLP and Coaching to empower my clients to stay in the game and have fun playing. I created this download for you so you can anchor into your inner mind AND body your mission and vision, just a highly successful people do. Too often, after a taking a course, the old conditioned Mind takes over and wipes out the vision. You can listen and do this process regularly to continually strengthen your vision.

As we taught at Life Directions, your mission and vision are a constantly evolving process. Trust that your current statements are a great starting point! Anchor them in and allow your passion to build and refine your mission throughout your life.

Now, let’s get started. Download by clicking the link below. You must register before accessing the audio. As we teach at Peak Potentials: “When you know it, you live it!” Enjoy living from your mission and contact me to tell me how this process works for you.

Play the audio:

Instructions for the process:

The guided process consists of two parts. First, we do a centering exercise that you can do while sitting to connect with your Higher Self. Next, we do a process that is best while standing and walking between three perspectives on your life: your present self today, your future potential self, and being the witness of your life as you continially grow. The graphic below gives the overview of each of these perspectives so you can make up three cards and put them on the floor in preparation for the process.


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  1. Leah Otte Avatar
    Leah Otte

    SIMPLY AMAZING!- after listening, just once only 30 minutes, simple right?
    What took me 2 weeks to accomplish before listening, I surpassed in 2 hours and 24mins.BAM! Amazing!
    But, wait there’s more…every single day I have stayed on track, without effort and continued to excel.
    Without even thinking about it! I haven’t even had to think of my color!
    It’s like…. it just is!!!! I dare you to take that 30 minutes, skip that rerun of “friends” and see where the ride takes you!


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