You are not your name!

This is a deep and profound truth. You are not your hair. When it gets cut, laying on the floor, is that stuff, a bunch of dead cells, you? Is there any less of YOU? Of course not!

Let’s feel deeper. If a person unfortunately loses a limb, is there any less of THEM? Now, our ego mind, the false self says, “yes”. But, then we realize that’s not true (like most of what the ego mind says). There is just as much of THEM with or without a limb. A previous client of mine, a really neat guy, is in a wheel chair. He’s more full of life than most people I know. I saw him racing a special bike the other morning when I was running on the beach. So, we are not our hair, , limbs, body, cells.

Now, let’s feel really deep. When you were born, your parents needed to think up a name. They had to be able to call you something so you would pay attention. They needed a name so they could stick a label on you in the hospital or you would get mixed up with all the other cute babies. So, can you get this deep truth, YOU are not even your “given” name. That’s why they call it a “given” name. Feel that, deep in your essence. Not hair, a body, or even a name. So, you are not your degree, your car, your job, or your bank account. That’s pretty silly thinking, that you are stuff or what other people say!

Then, who are you? Energy. You are atoms popping into and out of existence. Conscious energy. The only entity we know of that has even realized that it is just energy.

When your foot falls asleep, that tingling is electrical energy. It’s a message to move your foot. Pain is just electrical energy. Joy is electrical energy. Are you getting this my atomic friend? Everything is just energy. But most importantly, YOU are energy.

When someone you love, that loves you, touches your skin, how great does that feel? But realize, you are not feeling THEM! You are feeling YOU. That tingle, all those feelings, are electrical energy, which are atoms, popping into and out of existence. 99%+ space. Just energy. You are atoms that know you are atoms (even though you probably for it).

If you just got that one truth, the deepest truth, that you are energy, atoms, popping into and out of existence, you would realize you ARE joy. You have been seeking energy your whole life and forgot that you already ARE energy. You are everything, to you. And everyone is right there with you.


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