Your desire is to expand.

One of our deepest desires, as a human, is to expand. Wayne Dyer speaks of this as one of the seven faces of Intention. Great masters recognized this over millennia. You can feel this desire to expand at your deepest core. Indeed, the word “desire” comes from the Latin for “of the stars”.

Most people experience this desire to expand as consumerism. Advertisers know this human desire and show us products as the only way to fulfill it. It’s the endless desire for more. A nicer car, better job, more money, a family, maybe even traveling the earth. Some have felt this desire to expand so deeply they literally want to go out into space as Richard Branson has with his Virgin Galactic space company. Even the entire universe is expanding as you read this!

This expression of the desire to expand is simply in the physical world however, so it is never fully satisfying. It can turn into addictions, to the next car, product, or even spouse. Nothing seems to satisfy the desire to expand because we didn’t realize that is the true desire. Even nations can continually seek physical expansion into territories of other nations.

The only way to truly satisfy our deep desire for expansion is to expand who we are and expand our soul. Expanding our love and ability to love is the deepest fulfillment. You can feel this in your body by imagining your heart space opening wide and being filled by and surrounding your loved ones. Then, opening your chest even wider to love the entire office you are in, then the city, state, nation, the globe, even the entire cosmos. Opening your heart this wide, unguarded, may actually hurt to some people or bring a tear. We are closed for so long, it’s uncomfortable to expand, and yet the tear is a tear of joy remembering how expansive we are meant to be. Expanding as love, into the entire cosmos while we walk through our day. Anything is possible from this place, knowing we are the source of love. Love only exists within us, as a gift, not out in the world. Expand today! Open as who you really are, infinite, eternal, as love. This is what you really desire. Now the toys are more enjoyable while you are expanding.

How can you expand today? Maybe it’s treating a stranger with the deepest kindness? Maybe it’s going beyond who you think you are at work and giving your best, just because you can? Maybe it’s filling your entire home with your love tonight when you go home, as if you could feel every thing and everyone and fill them with love, just with a smile from your heart?

Expand! Go for it!


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  1. AWESOME!!!

  2. Leah Otte Avatar
    Leah Otte

    The real challenge with maintaining the open heart is in the moments when it is uncomfortable, scary or you are angry. Save the protection for preventing pregnancy! In the moments when you are NOT in love return to love and transmute the energy back into love. Notice how much better that feels then avoidance, fighting or fear. If you are in fear you are not in love, they can not co-exist.

  3. I think it’s even more important to expand our loving actions. If we “be love” and feel love for ourselves and others internally, but don’t act lovingly, then we are almost certainly deluding ourselves about how “loving” we really are.

    Only you live with and directly experience your feelings. All anyone else is ever going to experience is your actions. Whether it’s the expression on your face, a kind word, doing someone a favor, giving a gift, doing work that helps people, it’s action — and only action — that directly affects the outside world.

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