Your emotional tone level is your guide to change and happiness.

In the last two weeks we remembered that there is an overall cycle of change in the universe and there are levels of change to make change more rapid and lasting. Now we remember the change that EVERYONE deeply wants and how to get it.

We all want one thing: to feel good, to be happy. For example, no one wants money! They want what they think money will bring (respect, security, freedom, etc.) and those all lead to happiness. Since we all want happiness, it would be useful to have a map for getting to happiness.

In the original version of the movie (non-US release), The Secret, we are introduced to The Emotional Guidance System by Esther Hicks. This scale could be thought of as a ladder to higher and higher levels of happiness. At the top, we have Love and Appreciation. At this level, we appreciate beauty and create beauty. Beauty has no intrinsic value other than feeling good. It can be the beauty of a painting, relationship, or a company. The best reason we admire movie stars, singers, even athletes and business people is that they are creating art. Unfortunately, when we ourselves are at a lower tone, we don’t see the art, we just see the money. We’ll get to that in a moment.

At the lowest level, we have despair and apathy. This is where someone perceives so many attackers, real or imagined, they give up. Much of the world is in that space right now. They’ve been there for over a decade!

image Emotional Guidance System from original The Secret movie.

You can Google and find this scale in many places. Other teachers before Ester have shared similar scales. Here are some of the most important levels to remember:

  • Love & creativity – I want to create beauty no matter the situation
  • Enthusiasm – devotion and absorbed in this moment
  • Interest – I use my energy to be curious about others and the world
  • Boredom – I’ve got energy, I want to do something but don’t know what
  • ———————————————–
  • Frustration – wanting to make a change, not knowing where yet
  • Anger – one threat, I’m confronting it
  • Fear – one threat, but I’m too afraid to confront
  • Apathy – many perceived threats, I give up

Above the line, our emotions move towards construction & creation. Below the line, they steer towards destruction. A person can only hear what is one level above them. This is why when a culture is mostly in apathy (like the U.S.) those who speak in anger, always against something, rather than for something, seemed to connect better. We can barely hear one level above where we are at. This was Hitler’s Germany. His people had given up all hope so picking one enemy to attack lifts the people up because they can hear that. But this is NOT a solution. Anger is just energy rising to confront so we can reach the next level.

This is important to YOU because you can notice what level you tend to be at throughout the day. Be honest with yourself. What will lift you up is the next rung of the ladder and that is what you will attract. Be aware of your level and know that you are attracting your level and the level above you. This is useful in knowing that it is OK for a person in apathy to get angry. Encourage it! BUT DON’T STAY THERE! Reach for the next level right away.

Each level is just a rung on the ladder. If anger is higher, allow that and immediately ask, “What is one thing I could confront?” If you’ve been angry for a while, look forward to being bored. It’s a step on the way to being interested again. Always always, your direction is “What can I create?” “How can I add beauty to the world?”

Seek the next higher level. Beware of those at the next higher level trying to keep you only at that level for their own gain. Seek out strong people at the highest level that speak of creation, beauty, construction. Be aware that when you hear people two levels above you, if it bothers you, or you don’t trust them, that is you being stuck at your level. DON’T TRY TO BRING THEM DOWN TO A LEVEL SO YOU CAN HEAR THEM! Avoid becoming a part of this chaos and falling into low-level thinking. Reach up!

Find any and all tools and people you can to slowly raise your tone of vibration. This is the SECRET of The Secret! Your emotional tone level controls what you see, hear, and attract. Raise your tone just one level at a time. Seek creation, beauty, construction, and contribution.

[Update: PDF of Feelings chart from The Secret.]


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