Wayne Dyer’s new movie: Ambition to Meaning

image I just watched last weekend Wayne Dyer’s first movie Ambition to Meaning. It’s an awesome exploration of the transition we will all go through at some time in our life. I HIGHLY recommend this movie as the next level of consciousness beyond The Secret.

I think this massive economic shift is reflecting that Baby Boomers in America have found that the greed, the blind striving of ambition, only lasts so long. This massive bulge of the population is hitting mid-life crisis all at once. But, as Dr. Dyer points out from his senior vantage point, this is a wonderful shift, however confusing. We find that the ambition that drove is gives way to deep meaning in our lives. At first it is disorienting as our ego and our old believes and ways of being no longer work. The magic is that we stop resisting from ego and surrender to our deeper impulse, life become easier. Success still happens, but is much richer.

Here’s the web site. You can watch online as I did or purchase the DVD. www.AmbitiontoMeaning.com


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