Your mind is proven to be more powerful than surgery for healing.

I discovered this study released in the New England Journal of Medicine. On a test of 164 patients, some having actual knee surgery and some with a placebo procedure (i.e. fake) they found NO difference between the groups. Two years later, the folks with surgery (2 different kinds) had no better results than the group without surgery. All 165 people with lessened pain and improved function.

image Thus there is NO reason for these people to have their body cut open and take drugs later! If that doesn’t wake you up, how about this: At an average of $5,000 per surgery and 650,000 done every year, that’s $3.25 BILLION wasted every year on a useless procedure.

How much is our mind actually healing us and how much is the expensive drug or procedure doing it? An expensive procedure with important men in special outfits certainly does increase one’s belief. Belief is the essential element. Believing in your health, deeply, with conviction is the goal.

Change your mind and you change your life. It’s proven!


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